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Pimax 2 is pulsed metal detector system capable of detecting metal and spaces. Pulse System with all kinds of advanced technology works without the loss of depth in the ground.

We brought a new dimension to search deeper “Soil Analysis Mode” by pulse detector system.

Pimax 2 metal detector is the most distinctive feature of the class is to make the metal detector in the same space at the same time and determination. Thanks to this system first developed by us and used in Pimax 2 can be detected in any kind of space passed through the metal while searching. Analysis Mode simultaneously display 2D graphics drawn on the ground. Visually metal detection with resulting graphs are made of metal separation and detection cavity. Pimax 2 is the first and only treasure hunting is done at the same time 3 process.

Outstanding Performance Distinction

Microprocessor and special distinction with more precision metal separation algorithm capable Pimax 2, manages to break open pass in front of its competitors. Determined metal, non-negotiable minor metals, gold, or the same response that metals, non precious metals and precious metals are divided into 4 groups.

Note: Pimax 2 makes a distinction with all the titles.

We combine the advantages of the depth of our field-proven pulse system.

Continuous R & D efforts and we also were able to raise the bar in its natural depth of our field trials. Pulse (pulse) based on the principle of development we are providing leadership to the Pimax about 2 deep metal detection.

Steady Work

Stable operation of the detector, one of the biggest problems of the detector's (the stable) have paid attention to the issue. Pimax 2 special software runs stable thanks in mineral and saline soils and does not give unnecessary signals even make excavation waste.

Lightweight and Durable

Pimax 2 detector is designed for all-terrain conditions.

**Completely coil made of carbon fiber telescopic carry handle,

**Powder and water resistant front panel drops,

**Long-Lasting lithium-ion batteries by using the main unit mitigated.